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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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at san francisco's embarcardero. the picture looks nice, but the rain is already starting to fall as the biggest storm of the week is starting to move in. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. the bay area on storm watch tonight. that storm will be moving here by morning. the ground already soaked and ready to give way. setting us up for dangerous conditions in some parts of the bay area. nbc bay area's george kiriyama has been following out people in los gatos are getting ready all day. here's what he has. >> i've never seen it like this, ever. >> reporter: what usually is a nice trail to go for a jog or an evening walk has instead turned into -- >> it was like a river, basically. it looks like the creek has been, you know, transposed onto the trail, basically. >> reporter: the water is streaming in from the creek onto the los gatos creek trail stretching about 700 feet. in some places it's three to four feet deep. the santa clara district tried
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to prevent flooding, and came right down to the park. >> it's good for the earth. there's good things about it, but on the flip side, it can definitely lead to flooding and that can really be hazardous to people's houses. >> reporter: mudslides. geologists are monitoring the saturation levels of the ground around the bay area. they say in certain areas we are at 95% saturation. in other words, the ground is already absorbed a lot of water and can't take much more. >> any additional water that comes from the next week of large storms has the potential to destabilize those steep hill slopes and generate landslides. >> reporter: we've already seen a monster slider in scott's valley that has cut off more than 30 homes. and more earth came down wednesday morning blocking off the main road going into mt. hermit. a good chunk of the 400 homes in the area have no power. >> i'm going to pick up my son
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at kindergarten. when i dropped him off, there were rocks and debris coming down. so i had a feeling that it was getting ready to go. >> reporter: as you can see, i'm pretty much knee deep in this, what used to be the los gatos creek walking trail. it's very hard to walk here. the ground is very unstable. so -- in fact, i don't know if there's a dropoff. so i'm not really going to move too much around here. but this used to be dry. and a few days ago. and look what it looks like now. just water. in some places three to four feet deep. how much longer will this water stay here? well, it depends how much it will rain. obviously, if it rains more, this will stick around. we're live here in los gatos, nbc bay area news. we saw this type of unstable weather just days ago, but there are key differences this time around. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has some answers. >> that's right, it's going to be moving in throughout our
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morning hours. two storms in two days. the one today was weaker. we had winds that topped 50 miles per hour. the one out here in the pacific will drop towards the south and bring us winds possibly 20 to 40-plus miles per hour. and for that there is a wind advisory for the entire bay area from the north to the south bay and also in addition, a flood advisory for the entire bay area as well. excessive runoff with one to two inches tomorrow morning. we're not looking at major flooding, but isolated urban flooding will be key here. overall one to two inches of rain, winds that could top 40 miles per hour and also severe components, isolated thunderstorms, hail. and we still can't rule out the possibility of an isolated tornado. speaking of which, another tornado reported today north of sacramento. the storm prediction center saying this was a tornado damaging six homes leaving a one-mile path of debris. no injuries reported, but we'll have video coming up and also a
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time line on our storm in minutes. >> okay, thank you, jeff. see you in just a minute. saving underage girls from prostitution. there are hundreds of teenage girls working the streets of oakland. looki looking for love in all the wrong places, ending up with pimps who sell them for cheap. tonight we ride along with east bay kwops as they try to nab the pimps and save the girls. cheryl hurd joins us from oakland. >> reporter: jessica, we all know that oakland's police department is understaffed and sometimes outgunned. but one of their top priorities is to find underage prostitutes. and tonight, we got a rare glimpse of a unit whose job is to save the victims and arrest the pimps. oakland police department vice and child exploitation unit preparing for a bust. >> this is a massage parlor operation. >> reporter: using marked cash,
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the unit is getting ready. the target, teenage prostitutes. >> it's a lot more lucrative than udrugs. it's easier to sell the product. with a girl, there's no overhead. snatch her off the corner. >> reporter: jim is one year from retirement and has worked in the unit for a decade. >> the pimps at first, oh, you're my girlfriend. i love you, i love you and ease them into it. then there's a girl pimp that will beat her, have his friends gang rape her until she agrees to do it. >> reporter: there are hundreds of underage girls working as prostitute in oakland, and many are doing it against their will. >> all of these are offenders of child predators in some way or another, whether they molested family members, neighbors or friends all the way to, you know, pimps who have put children out on the streets of oakland. >> reporter: the department is throwing a lot of resources and money at the problem. >> the days of being able to tell that a girl is being exploited by the way that she's dressed or the way that she looks are over.
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people drive past girls being exploited every single day. >> reporter: oakland police officer holly joshi worked in this unit for three years. >> if we can take one pimp off the street, then we look at it as that's saving at least ten underage girls per year. >> oakland police. >> reporter: on this night two women were arrested at la paradise spa on park avenue. no underage girls at this raid, but the unit knows they are out there. we are told that some of these underage prostitutes can make $1,000 a day tax free. now, oakland's district attorney also working on a way to tackle the problem. they will unveil the plan in a couple of weeks. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. explosive allegations during day three of the barry bonds perjury trial. legal experts say this was a critical juncture for the government's case against the home run king. today, bonds listened to testimony by his childhood friend and former business
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manager. steve hoskins secretly recorded a conversation with bonds' personal trainer, greg anderson, who allegedly admitted he was injectingdson b with steroids. bonds claims he never knowingly used steroids. the other allegations by hoskins, bonds made a new york mistress, an ex-playboy model, from a stash of money hidden in san carlos. he also claims bay area sports orthopedist arthur teng informed bonds of the dangers of steroids. tomorrow mike murphy is expected to testify. child actress from england who became an american legend, elizabeth taylor is being remembered from hollywood to the bay area and far beyond. in los angeles, candles, flowers and pictures adorned taylor's star on the walk of fame. tributes to the oscar-winning actress who was also a well regarded social activist have been pouring in. chuck henry has a look back at the woman who sent so much to the country and even to here in
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the bay area. >> mother, we won. >> reporter: "national velvet" released in 1944 was the film that made her a star at just 12 years old. unlike other stars, elizabeth taylor could actually ride a horse. she always called this the most exciting movie she ever made. and that led to a long-term contract with mgm and her first oscar for the film "butterfield eight." >> elizabeth taylor. >> reporter: elizabeth taylor gained weight for her next oscar-winning performance as an abusive wife in "who's afraid of virginia woolf?" in 1960 she made headlines when she became the first actor to be paid $1 million for just one picture. "cleopatra." during the filming, she fell in love with her co-star, richard burton. both were married at the time to others. she'd later marry burton not once but twice. in all, elizabeth taylor was married eight times including singer eddie fisher who was married to debbie reynolds when they met. there was also senator john warner of virginia and a handyman she met when they were
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both in rehab. they were married at michael jackson's neverland ranch. they would remain close friends till his death. through much of her life she's had health problems, near-fatal pneumonia, a brain tumor, substance abuse and weight problems. elizabeth taylor was a constant target of the tabloid media. like the time in 2006 when she reportedly was close to death suffering from alzheimer's. >> come on, do i look like i'm dying? >> reporter: taylor devoted much of her life raising money for aids research. >> if you reach out to them, you receive so much love in return. >> reporter: but it is what people notice first about elizabeth taylor that will remain in our memory, it was her eyes. they were violet and extraordinary. especially on the big screen. elizabeth taylor, a true beauty. funeral arrangements are still spending. here in los angeles, i'm chuck henry, nbc bay area news. still ahead, only on nbc bay
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area, it's the wedding gown the world is waiting to see. and it may already be right here in california. >> designers submit sketches of kate middleton's wedding dress. coming up, the royal response she got. and then it's a huge decision. and you have to make it fast when you really need help, are you better off at urgent care or at the emergency room? what each will cost you in time and money. and britney cancels on the castro. new details about the big change to the free concert thousands were looking forward to. well, our storm hasn't canceled on us, it's still on track after temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. we're tracking some pockets ofo heavy rainfall just south of los gatos headed into the south bay and south san jose. and as we head throughout the morning hours, our wind and flood advisory in effect. details on when the o ofhe trm part of the storm will be moving in coming up. il
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at the beginning of the newscast we told you about the unstable ground around the bay area because of the saturated ground because of all the rain. this video just in now. new video of yet another slide
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in the santa cruz mountains. this hillside gave way during the rainfall this evening near mt. herman. that's just about five miles away from the rock slide in scott's valley a couple of days ago. the ground still very unstable there. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri up in just a few minutes with the wet forecast. oakland police are working a case that just stinks. literally. raw human sewage floating through some of the city's most notable neighborhoods. more than 350,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled into the creek in the diamond district after someone apparently broke into a manhole and loaded it with rocks, causing the pipes to burst. oakland public works was able to pump most of it out, but 84,000 gallons ended up downstream. the public is being asked to stay clear of that creek. the city is trying to determine how it can better secure the manholes. so far no arrests made in the case. when you're really sick, you want help fast. if your regular doctor is not an option, where do you go?
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the er or urgent care? tonight how to make the smart choice for your health and your budget. nbc bay area's garvin thomas takes us in depth. >> reporter: whenever possible, most people want to avoid a trip to the er. holly wilson's no different. >> the wait. the wait was a big concern for me. >> reporter: but it's not just the wait. it's the price tag, too. >> the idea of getting a looming medical bill was absolutely terrifying. >> reporter: last summer wilson went to a bay area urgent care clinic with back pain. she was sent home with some over-the-counter medication. but when the pain didn't go away, willson dragged herself to the er where she was shocked to learn she needed emergency surgery. >> et going there and realizing that something had been going on and as serious as it was, it was very eye opening for me. >> reporter: wilson is fine now. and although her case is rare, it does raise the question of knowing when your illness is
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serious enough to go to the er. >> i don't expect most patients to really understand and know instinctively how ill they are. >> reporter: here are some guidelines. go to an er when you have difficulty breathing or shortness of breath. sudden or severe pain, pain in your chest or upper abdomen or uncontrolled bleeding. >> but the majority of patients who have trauma or who have a cold and cough don't fall into those categories. >> reporter: here's what an urgent care center is a good option. it's after hours or on the weekend when your regular doctor's office is closed. when you have a nonlife-threatening health problem like a minor broken bone or cold symptoms that won't go away. urgent care will almost always be cheaper than the er. >> an er visit is already going to be on the scale of thousands of dollars versus an ambulatory care clinic kind of bill which is already going to be at the most on the hundreds of dollars. >> reporter: if you do have to go to an er, also expect a long wait. up to eight hours depending on
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your illness. both doctors we talked to recommend using a primary care physician as your first line of defense. >> i think the best bet is to find a family practice, a general practice doctor that you feel safe with and you trust. >> reporter: it will ultimately save you time and money when you're sick. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. so new news to pass along now. there's a change of plans for britney spears. the pop star will no longer perform in san francisco's castro district this weekend. that's because the forecast is forcing her to run for cover. instead, she'll tape her performance at the bill graham civic center. on sunday at noon, the free concert coincides with the release of her new album. right now on, get details on this free concert. just click on the britney story on our home page. inch it is the question that all royal watchers are asking. who will kate middleton be wearing when she says "i do"? turns out a northern california
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designer put her name on the list. and as nbc bay area's elise kearschner found out, she got a response straight from the royal palace. here's a story you'll see only on bay area news. >> i said what have i got to lose? they said how did you know where to send it? buckingham palace, london. where else? >> reporter: silvia may be a long way from buckingham palace, but she knows it well. >> as soon as they know i worked for the royal family, we want you to do our dress. >> reporter: the 72-year-old now runs keepsakes bridal in the sacramento area but worked as a dressmaker for the royal court in the 1960s. >> these are rough sketches of what i sent. >> reporter: after dreaming of what kate middleton's wedding dress would look like, silvia decided to submit sketches to the royal palace. >> and i wasn't expecting a response. but i did get a response. it said -- "private and confidential." "st. james's palace," which is
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where they reside. >> reporter: within a few months silvia got this letter. >> ms. middleton was most interested in your work and very appreciated you taking the trouble to write. >> reporter: while she never heard anything further, she thinks she may have gotten the royals' attention. >> my sister in england said that they kept on about this anonymous english person who they were thinking of having do the dress. >> reporter: no one knows for sure who the 29-year-old will be wearing when she marries prince william. >> here it is. >> reporter: wow! that's a dress. >> yep. that's all dress. >> reporter: but silvia believes kate's gown will be a far cry from what princess diana wore on her wedding day. is there a piece of you that wonders before she steps out of that carriage that it could be yours? >> no, i don't think i'm that foolish to think that. but, you know, you don't know because nobody's going to say. >> reporter: some of the other
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big-name designers that are being tossed around include carl lagerfeld for chanel, valentino and vera wang. while silvia is realistic about her chances, she'll be eagerly watching as middleton walks down the aisle. elise kearschner, bay area news. >> we're rooting for her. >> that would be fantastic. jeff ranieri, anyone contact you lately about this? >> no, they have not. >> he's too busy with the tornadoes. >> i just know that rain is good luck on wedding days. >> that is true. >> it comes with the handbook when you told you're a meteorologist. here we are getting storm damage in from you. look at this. tree on top of a car. 100-foot redwood tree, no injuries coming to us from greg in ukiah. thank you so much for your picture. this is certainly an example of what can happen with weather like we have been seeing. the ground so saturated, even a wind gust 30 miles per hour can take down a tree with erosion.
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tornadoes, in the past week, very rare tornadoes in california. three of them here. the strongest so far an ef-1 in santa rosa. then today this afternoon, we also had another tornado report here in williams. six homes damaged. a one-mile path here of some debris. we have some video for you. no injuries. but this certainly skipped around here across parts of northern california. again, north of sacramento. all right. meanwhile, back here in our radar, we are looking at scattered rainfall here just offshore. only finding some heavy pockets of rainfall near los gatos pushing into south san jose as we head throughout the next 30 to 40 minutes. meanwhile it's all about tomorrow morning. the excessive rain runoff and our flood advisory in effect thursday morning for the into a bay area. let's look at the numbers, 48 in san jose, 47 in gilroy and 47 currently in santa rosa. as we head throughout tonight, we'll see these periods of rain starting to increase.
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but it's all about the morning for that heavy rain and also winds that could gust as high as 40 miles per hour. there's that storm system already starting to gain some strength. and those winds as that storm drops down could be topping 40 miles per hour. so through the overnight hours, it starts to ramp up. we're not seeing that heaviest rainfall until about 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and then as we head throughout 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00, those i isolated showers and thunderstorms that could produce hail. we're still not ruling out the chance of an isolated tornado for tomorrow. the wind profile setting up pretty good that we could see a weak tornado develop. in terms of rainfall totals, one to two inches from the north to the south bay. that's why we have flooding concerns throughout thursday and friday. once again the timing, 6:00 a.m. it starts to get ramped up here, continues through 10:00 a.m. then by 2:00 p.m., the main portion of the storm moves out. but we'll still have that possibility of flooding and isolated thunderstorms with us as we head into the early evening hours. if you're doing any traveling to
11:22 pm
the sierra, yes, another layer to everything, one to three feet of snowfall expected. you've got to be a dedicated skier to be heading up tomorrow. avalanche controls likely and chain controls possibly near 3,000 feet. and as we head throughout tomorrow, we're looking at low to mid-50s. on that seven-day forecast really tomorrow morning is the strongest of the weather over the next couple of days. and then finally some sunshine in here as we head through next monday, tuesday and wednesday. and yes, that is a 69 next wednesday. close to 70 degrees. i was trying so hard to put 70 on there, but the models just weren't showing it yet. >> just do it. >> maybe tomorrow, you guys. >> thank you. just ahead, the best dancero d woulu byod.rl would yo believe two bay area teenagers? their story just ahead. [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted,
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think back to your first high school dance. for me, standing near that back wall awkwardly. >> i never got invited so it never happened to me. for these teens, anything is awkward. far cry from how typical teens dance. 14-year-old eric rosenberg from san jose, 13-year-old nicole akmaroba from novato still have plenty of reason to be nervous. they are headed to moscow this weekend to compete in the international dance port federation world championships. basically it's the olympics of dance. the two are going up against 62 other couples in the 14 to 15 age group from 31 different countries.
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with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty five storewide. and, unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make it affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. good evening. this is now the homestretch for the sharks. tonight with calgary at the tank, the final game of the regular season. outside of the division. 4 of the final 8 games in san jose. tonight season's beatings as ryane clowe handing out a massive whooping to sarich. marlowe off the turnover gets his 30th goal of the season. he added number 31 a few minutes later. the sharks, 4-2. torre mitchell picks up his second goal of the game.
11:29 pm
sharks up two. then the lone goal in the third. great sign. returning quickly from what looked like a terrible injury. his 28th goal pushing the sharks past calgary, 6-3. the kings tomorrow in l.a. warriors in houston tonight. injured rockets center yao ming on the scene. recent chatter about how next season he could be a warrior. sounds like a pair of bad-idea genes. early warriors making the best of their opportunities. wright had 34 on the night. of course, the warriors get a beatdown from where they least expect it. chuck hayes playing like elvin hayes for the rockets feeding kevin martin. the triple-double tonight, 11 assists, 14 rebounds, 13 points. the rockets win, 131-112. the warriors have lost six straight and return to oakland to face the raptors friday. it was a bad day all around for the giants. more injury issues for brian
11:30 pm
wilson. now cody ross also ailing. at the game today in tempe facing the angels. matt cain was given all kinds of trouble. abreu with the homer to right. cody ross watching ball leave the yard. he would later leave injured having straineds had right calf. this is a five-run frame for the angels. jeff mathis driving in the fifth run. troubles hopefully not elbow related. nonetheless, giants bombed, 8-0. the doctors cleared brian wilson to throw. his oblique muscle strain considered mild. his session was cut short. yet again the story changing about opening day. his status is once more in doubt. he could be starting the season on the disabled list. in florida, the phillies' roy oswalt, scary scene, he was hit behind the ear with this manny ramirez line drive. his neck was bruised, but phillies say he did not lose consciousness. he was not dizzy before leaving. x rays were negative. a's visiting the cubs today.
11:31 pm
a little meeting. uneventful except for the fact that oakland's bats weren't doing much. josh willingham off carlos silva. coco crisp trucking all the way around. a's lose, 3-1. they visit the diamondbacks tomorrow. and this time next week, no more exhibition games. >> real thing. >> opening s. ea rth>>y. yes. >> real thing. >> one more week of had. i'm ready. >> thanks. we're back in a moment.
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you want to get a great looking lawn like this, but trying to grow grass from seed in tough areas like deep shade, along the driveway,
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with jeff and really tomorrow morning is really the dicey time. >> yeah, definitely. winds ramping up. advisoryn o 40 mes per hour for tt morning commute. also heavy periods of rainfall. right now we're seeing scattered rain from knnovato to stinson beach. even down near los gatos. seven-day forecast, we keep a chance at thunderstorms in the forecast by friday. through wednesday, we clear out and warm up. as you mentioned, it is tomorrow morning with the wind, the rain and even isolated thunderstorms that could produce some hail. so be on the lookout. take it slow and plan some extra time tomorrow morning. >> triple weather threat there. >> ghently. >> thanks for joining us tonight. jay leno is next. we hope to see you back tomorrow. >> drive safe. bye-bye.


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